"Fiery Darts Special Edition CDROM Game"
Raves and Reviews! Raves and Reviews! Raves and Reviews!

Raves and Reviews:

(Source Flume Creek's Website)

9 Year Old - "I liked playing with my Dad and him helping me with the questions, the upper levels were challenging enough to want me to play again".

13 Year Old - "I like the colors and graphics, the game play is cool, the speed of the fireballs in expert mode is really fun. I like the creation add-on pack, I learned a lot about creation".

10 Year old - "I like how you can get the questions right by hitting the hints area and try to get more armor for battle and I like how it does not have to be so complicated and so hard to learn the game. I like the music and its cool because of the drums and stuff and I like the sounds effects when you hit Malo and Shield Beasty. I think it is really funny when the hero starts off in his boxers. I like the end, when you finally win at all levels, this is way cool ... very funny & great music!

21 Year Old - The education on this is great! Excellent questions, I was even challenged in the Moderate and Expert levels and I am graduate form a Christian College. I like the sound effects of the characters and the feel of the game is quality and not cheesy like many of the other games."

11 Year Old - "I like the music. The game is awesome and I like the different backgrounds and battle scenes, the armor is great. I like the medium shield the best and the sound it makes when the fireball hits it. It helps me learn the Bible in a fun way...

15 Year old - "I like the whole game, like the ability to gain armor, power ups, moving faster and slower was good depending on how questions were answered, questions were challenging".